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For 2000 years an ancient prophecy has been etched on the stone pillar outside the castle wall: 

"Once every century Drakus will fly burning lands of the mortals he’s always despised. But the 20th time will be his last when magic and dragons vanish into the past. Mounted riders on high tear him down to his doom and a new age of mortals and reason will boom. But science creates its own kind of dragon. So remember past heroes while raising your flagon."

James Murray - vocals, guitars, trumpets, cornets, keyboards, bass, banjo, drums and percussion. 
Bongo John - drums and percussion on all songs except Prove 
Nick DiVico - backing vocals and second electric guitar solo on Shining Through 
Peter Threulson - bass pedals on Firestorm, Shining Through and Pool of Glavestoun 
Mike Watson - bass on Pool of Glavestoun 
Jimmy Carlucci - drums on Shining Through 
Edgardo Rivera - congas on Firestorm 
"Shredder" Dave Ryan - electric guitar on Drakus and Sword of Aquarius 
Mike Seditto - electric guitar on Travel On 
Mike Perlmutter - bass on Firestorm 
Bilbo Dragons - drums on Sword of Aquarius 
Christina Wright - backing vocals on Worthwhile, Travel On, Firestorm and Shining Through 
Coreen Murray - backing vocals on Worthwhile, Travel On, Firestorm and Shining Through 
Pauline Salotti - backing vocals on End of a Crisis, Travel On and Shining Through 
Michelle Healy - backing vocals on Worthwhile and Shining Through 

All songs written by James Murray 

Produced by Bongo John and James Murray 
Mixed by Bongo John of John Metcalf Productions 
Mastered by Tom Miller of Tritone Studios 

Art by Via Anjipan and Kenneth Johnson 

Special thanks to Robert Nichol and Bruce Leech for horse riding and storm sound effects. Big thanks to the Diamond Jig Band and all the other wonderful musicians I’ve played these songs with as they were being developed. And especially big thanks to my Aunt Sue who was a great source of support, taught me how to play guitar when I was just starting out and introduced me to a lot of the music that inspired me. 

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