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Thank you, Soldier.

You should be getting an email with a link to the Dragon Army Private Group where you will have access to free livestreams and other goodies. Check your spam folder if you can't find it.

As a member of the Dragon Army, it is your duty to let the world know that Drakus has arrived. To help you spread the word, I want to give you this special gift. Drakus is a two part concept album that tells the story of a Dragon that appears every century. Click the Get Album link below and pay as much or as little for the album as you want.  You can even pay $0!

Digital downloads are great, but there's still nothing like the real thing.  That's why I'm offering 50% off the Deluxe CD Edition!

The Drakus Deluxe CD Edition (Valued at $60) Includes:

- Drakus Parts I and II (2x CDs) with 20 page booklet ($25 Value)

- Full album download in Flac, MP3, Ogg Vorbis and other formats ($15 Value)

- Shield Emblem Phone Socket ($5 Value)

- Two Shield Emblem Stickers ($5 Value)

- Shield Emblem Magnet ($5 Value)

- Engraved Bracelet ($5 Value)

- Signed Photograph (Priceless!)

For a limited time, get the whole bundle at half the price for only $30!

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